Posted on: March 15, 2008 9:00 pm

on brady quinn

i am a huge supporter of the Brady Quinn era and here is why...

- he is a big quarterback who works out with offensive lineman because he is so strong

- he is a leader as proven with notre dame, and with the Browns --- say what?  yes, with the browns!  he could have whined and moaned about sitting, but he took it like a man and was enthusiastic on the bench.  he was learning and he knew it was important.  he followed the coaches around, talked to the starters, and carried himself like a veteran

- he is a rock star in cleveland, every time he was close to the field the crowd went nuts!

- he is popular nationally, he is number ten in jersey sales - he has not even started.

- he motivates the team around him

- he is accurate

i do not thing derek will ever bring the intangibles to the field that brady does.  i think he is an exceptional talent and i appreciate the postion he has put the browns in.  he has the most value to other teams because he is proven and the browns should sell high and improve there long term prospectus with him.


... these are my thoughts.

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